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About the Project

Little Dreamers Day Nursery, an emerging player in the childcare sector, aspired to establish a nurturing and creative environment for early childhood development. Recognizing the importance of a strong visual identity for their new nursery, they approached One28 for a comprehensive branding solution. Our task was to create a unique logo and a set of cohesive branding assets that would embody the warmth, care, and educational ethos of Little Dreamers Day Nursery, ensuring these elements were versatile enough for use on various platforms including signboards and staff uniforms.

The Problem

Little Dreamers Day Nursery faced several challenges:


Developing a Unique Visual Identity

Addressing the need for a distinctive and appealing brand image in a competitive childcare market.


Communicating Core Values through Design

Crafting a logo and branding assets that effectively convey the nursery’s dedication to care, education, and safety.


Versatility and Adaptability of Branding Elements

Ensuring the new branding remains effective and coherent across diverse applications, including signage and staff uniforms.


Our approach at One28 involved a collaborative and iterative process:

  • Conducted a thorough market analysis to understand the nursery sector’s branding landscape.
  • Held brainstorming sessions with the Little Dreamers team to align their vision with our creative strategy.
  • Developed a logo that combined playful imagery and soothing colors, encapsulating the essence of childhood and learning.
  • Created a suite of branding assets, including typography, color palettes, and graphic elements, ensuring consistency across all mediums.
  • Provided multiple design mock-ups for the signboard and uniforms, offering a tangible feel of the final product.

Project Highlights

Capturing the Nursery's Essence in a Logo

Capturing the Nursery's Essence in a Logo

Achieving a memorable and visually engaging logo that reflects the spirit of Little Dreamers Day Nursery.

Consistent and Adaptable Visual Identity

Consistent and Adaptable Visual Identity

Establishing a strong, flexible brand identity that maintains its impact across various formats and uses.

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

Delivering a detailed brand guideline document to ensure consistent application of the visual identity in future branding efforts.

Positive Community Reception

Positive Community Reception

Garnering acclaim from nursery staff, parents, and the local community for the professional and appealing brand presentation.

The team at One28 surpassed our expectations with their creative expertise and understanding of our needs. The branding for Little Dreamers Day Nursery has been pivotal in establishing our presence in the community. The logo and branding assets resonate perfectly with our ethos, and we've received numerous compliments from parents and staff. They have truly brought our vision to life!

Paige H
Paige H

Co-founder @ Little Dreamers