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Our mission is to create websites that make it easy for my clients to grow revenue and profit faster.

Hi, I'm Louis

I’m based in the town of Upminster, Essex, where I specialise in creating websites, branding and social media management for local businesses, national brands, and even clients around the world.

I’m not what you would call a typical website designer. Unlike most website designers who might specialise in a few key areas, my expertise is comprehensive thanks to 10+ years of running a number of personal projects and companies that have allowed me to learn everything from Website Design and SEO to graphic design and social media. Along the way I have met and worked alongside many partners who specialise in niches such as design, marketing and development who are always on hand to give helping hands at One28

This broad experience helps to set me apart from everyone else and has been integral to my track record of assisting clients in expanding their businesses. It’s this very background that gives me the confidence to help your business flourish as well.

What We Bring To The Table

Strong Client Relationships

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. You can trust in a great working partnership and feel confident in the results we deliver.

Direct Communication

When you work with us, you communicate directly with the designer. This means faster decisions, clearer communication, and no middlemen.

WordPress & Shopify Expertise

We specialise in WordPress & Shopify design and development, delivering sites that harness the platform’s full potential. You’re in the hands of a dedicated expert.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Being a small business ourselves, allows us to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. Get agency-level design at a lower cost.

Expertise & Passion

With 10+ years industry experience, we bring a blend of expertise and genuine passion to every project, ensuring the best results for your online presence.

Timely Delivery

We respect your timelines. With a streamlined work process, expect your website to be up and running without unnecessary delays.

My journey so far


I’ve always had an interest in technology, more interested in how these gadgets worked than actually using them as a child. I suppose 2014 is a good starting point for my journey into the digital world. Building my own computer on my 15th birthday allowed me to go from drawing website designs in pen and paper to learning to to turn them into digital designs using HTML and CSS languages.

Throughout my first year of having my computer, I self taught myself the basics of HTML & CSS and also Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas Video editing software. Using these new found skills, I launched small personal websites experimenting with WordPress, alongside  creating artwork and videos for YouTubers, with some videos racking up millions of views ( yes, that is my claim to fame 😉 )



Between 2015 and 2017, I acquired a wealth of knowledge in various areas, including SEO, Business, Creative Design, Marketing & Development through my apprenticeship in Information Technology as well as a lot of self learning from online forums and media, experimenting with social media for the first time and running and growing “meme” post accounts on instagram.

After completing my apprenticeship, I decided to step into the world of business. Forming my first company selling products on the Amazon marketplace. I still run this company to the present day. This experience validating my skills and gave me a taste of what it’s like to deliver professional services and working on a start-up brand, acknowledging the market, the importance of branding, building an online presence and engaging with a community. 



Returning to educational life alongside running my business, eager to learn more I decided to sign up to complete a Bachelors degree in Business & IT as a second subject at the Open University. During my three years studying, I acquired knowledge surrounding business, interaction design and object orientated programming. 

Graduating from university, I continued to work on websites for friends and families businesses. Working on another start-up of my own, Pryze. I started to realise my love for brand building and bringing businesses into the digital realm. Building my network of skilled individuals in each industry needed to build a brand, learning from the best.



I’ve been fortunate to help grow the businesses of clients worldwide, and my vast experience in the digital space has helped accelerate their results. The best part is I can help you too. Ready to get started? Let’s talk

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