Revitalizing GER Construction's Online Identity: Building a Cutting-Edge Shopify Website


GER Construction

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Branding & Development


Building Merchant


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About the Project

GER Construction, a dynamic company expanding into a new trade counter premises, recognized the need for a fresh and efficient online presence. To align with their growth and evolving brand identity, they sought to transition from an outdated Woo Commerce WordPress site to a more robust and visually appealing platform.

The Problem

GER Construction’s transition to a new trade counter premises was a pivotal moment, signaling a new phase in their business growth. However, their existing online infrastructure, primarily their Woo Commerce WordPress website, was not in step with their evolving needs. This misalignment presented several challenges:


Performance Issues

The Woo Commerce site was plagued with slow loading times, negatively impacting user experience and deterring potential customers.


Outdated Design

The design of the website failed to reflect the modern, dynamic nature of GER Construction, diminishing their professional image online.


Branding Inconsistency:

With a change in their company name, there was a pressing need to update their logo to maintain brand consistency and recognition in a competitive market.


Our team developed a sleek, high-performance Shopify website tailored to GER Construction’s specific requirements. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface that effectively showcased their services and facilitated customer interactions. Additionally, we crafted a modern and professional logo that resonated with their new company name, reinforcing their brand in the competitive construction market.

Project Highlights

Shopify Platform Integration

Shopify Platform Integration

Transitioning to a robust and efficient Shopify platform, ensuring a faster, more reliable, and scalable online presence for GER Construction.



Developing a rebranded logo that resonates with GER Construction’s new corporate identity, strengthening their market position and brand recognition.

Modern Design Implementation

Modern Design Implementation

Embracing a contemporary design that mirrors GER Construction’s professionalism and dynamism, enhancing their online image and appeal.

Enhanced User Experience:

Enhanced User Experience:

Customizing the website with user-centric features and functionalities, aimed at improving navigation, interaction, and overall customer satisfaction.

The transformation of our online presence by the team has been phenomenal. Our new Shopify site not only looks fantastic but also offers the speed and ease of use we desperately needed. The updated logo perfectly represents our brand's new direction. We couldn't be happier with the results and the positive feedback from our customers has been overwhelming.


Director @ GER Construction